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  is a self-published booklet which combines found technological images and oblique text to consider issues of language, technology and ecology. Published in March, 2001, the No.10 issue is stocked at PRINTED MATTER, 535 W.20'th St. New York,

'The format of the books, elongated and staple bound, reminds me of political pamphlets. The dark, brooding images are combined with stark text which appear to tell a threadbare story. The words and images in their combination appear to tell a story about us, about our world, about the past and about the future. There is something oppressive about these booklets, like propaganda, but Friel's focus, much of the object of his work is appearances, because those same didactic and oppressive qualities also constitute the poetics and playfulness of the work. This ultimately, is what I like about the series: that it takes something and turns it against itself, and that it is open ended and invites the reader to participate in it and try to make their own completion(s).'
.............................Max Schumann (Printed Matter)

  © Fintan Friel