Our hero, she is into the music man, comin from the underground and looking to "keep it real" whilst building up the following. She is the fastest and so can pick up records quicker, her range is slightly shorter than the others but she can MIX, man she can MIX !

The KING of this particular urban jungle. He moves slow and his MIXES are like a wall of sound, no one can resist or hide from the range of his beats. Digital Primate can carry the most records of all characters but moves slower than most, his range however is the longest of all the players.

SMOKE DEE-J (AKA: Angle Grinda)
Bit of a dodgy geeza this one, he has got his moves down and can duck and dive easily. Making him a bit harder to get in your sights. His range is medium and he is the smallest in size so he can hang out in harder to reach places. He is second fastest… He likes to promote his own parties sometimes.

The queen of pop is already quite famous in her head and in the world they inhabit and she is ready to smoothly move into superstar status whenever she wishes, but first, another champagne daaahling … Baby Lemonade already has a number of fame points but she can carry the least records ("heavy things, break my nails…") and moves at average speed.
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